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NFS client mount options for Oracle and Netapp

Jephe Wu – Environment: Linux x86_64, Oracle 11g 64bit SI(Single Instance) or RAC,  use Netapp as storage for Oracle binary, datafile, rman backup and expdpKernel 2.6, OL 5.8 and OL 6.3 Objective: the recommended NFS mounting options Steps: Please refer to Mount Options for Oracle files when used

Oracle archivelog retention policy

Jephe Wu – http://linuxtechres.blogspot.comObjective: understanding Oracle archivelog retention policyEnvironment: Oracle Linux 6.3 64bit, Oracle database 11gR2 Enterprise 1: use flush recovery area for archivelog and archivelog deletion $ sqlplus / as sysdba SQL*Plus: Release Production on Thu Nov 22 08:43:55 2012 Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle.

How to rebuild Oracle database controlfile

Jephe Wu – http://linuxtechres.blogspot.comObjective:  rebuild database controlfile without any backupEnvironment: Oracle database enterprise edition 64bit, lost controlfile without any RMAN backup, datafile and online redo log are okay. need to rebuild control file manually. Steps:Preparation: Find out all files path such as redo log, datafile Find out database

How to make BDB to auto remove log file

Jephe Wu – Objective: to understand how BDB (DB4) log file remove works and automatically remove old logfiles to prevent disk space fullbackground:  Ubuntu 8.04.2 , Berkeley DB 4.2.52, OpenLDAP Steps: 1.  BDB version used by openldap root@ldap1:~/ # ldd /usr/sbin/slapd =>  (0xb7faa000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7f62000)

How to make netapp Oracle database snapshot copy crash-consistent

Jephe Wu – Objective: understanding Netapp point-in-time snapshot Oracle backup without putting in the hot backup mode Crash-consistent snapshot copies should only be considered under special circumstances where requirements restrict the use of standard backup methods (such as rman or hot backup mode) Oracle backup overview:———————-physical backup and logical

How to startup OL6 as PVM under Oracle VM 2.X

Jephe Wu – Problem:  Oracle VM 2.2 cannot startup default OL 6.3 as PVM (Oracle Linux 6.3 VM is created from downloaded assembly .ova file), although it can startup as HVM. Error message:After xm create vm1.cfg, it immediately return error like this:  Error: Boot loader didn’t return any

How to use hardware RAID10 to clone Linux between 2 Dell R720 servers

 Jephe Wu – Environment: 2 Dell R720 (db01 and db02), need to clone db01 to db02 and wipe off everything on db02 hard disks which was used for other purpose.db01 has 6 SAS 300G 15k rpm hard disk and configured as RAID10.IP addresses for 2 servers: db1:

How to use FTP from the command line

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows you to transfer files between your PC and other Internet systems (hosts). You can transfer files, work with local or remote directories, rename and display files, and execute system commands. Before you start, you must know how to log on to the remote system

Understanding and configuring Percona server 5.5 with high server performance

Jephe Wu – http://linuxtechres.blogspot.comObjective: understanding and configuring Percona server 5.5 with high server performanceEnvironment: CentOS 6.3 64bit, Percona server 5.5 Part I: the most important parameters for tuning mysql server performance •   innodb_buffer_pool_size•   innodb_log_file_sized 1. for innodb_buffer_pool_size size it properly:—————– You probably should set it at least


Where you got your job files was probably c:\windows\tasks, however under Vista there is a new place the xml files exist. (Under c:\windows\system32\tasks) Try looking there on your old machine if possible. HOWEVER, there is a way if you can’t get to the original machine easily. You will need